101 Things in 1001 Days ’10 – ’13: Finale

Three days ago, my first 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge finished. I had a slight mess up with the dates and was under the impression that today was the last day, but fortunately I got it cleared before I claimed any other pending tasks.

Out of the 101 Things, I managed to finish only 41. Many of these were planned deliberately, but some were spontaneously completed. I’m grateful for what I accomplished, but I’m going to plan better in my next list.

Here are some of the most notable goals that I accomplished:

  • Go without soda for 365 days: I used to be a soda addict before I started on this goal. Towards the end, I could resist drinking soda even if everybody around was drinking it.
  • Watch 20 documentaries: before this goal, I had never watched a documentary in my life. All I can say is that I learned a lot about the world around me while pursuing this goal.
  • Buy an iPhone: the accomplishment of this goal led to accomplishing a number of other goals in the list, mainly the reading-related ones. This is one goal that truly changed my life. Completely. I will never be the same person I was before.
  • Do 8 IGCSEs: I did 9, for additional subject diversity. And also to get a kick out of finishing at least one Thing with one accomplishment more than what I had set for myself. 😀

I had so much fun crossing things off this list that I knew I had to create a new one as soon as this one finished, so one of the goals was to do so. I was late in finishing up the new list, so I can’t count it as a completed Thing, but I didn’t hesitate to start the countdown of days from the very next day after this challenge ended. My new challenge will finish in April 2016.

I hope to do better this time, and achieve at least 75% completion on this list. Some of my goals on this list are in line with things on my bucket list, others are Things from the old list that I really want to see through, and there are quite a few that don’t fit into either category. Day Zero Project‘s website has a number of great goals to choose from, and I ended up making more than 50% of my new list using those goals.

Here’s to the next 2.75 years, filled with awesome accomplishments!

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated!