When I started my blog back in 2011 (there’s not a lot of content because I’ve been evolving since then and just started being more consistent with blogging), I had a vision to create a small corner in the huge Web that will be a source of inspiration and information for others. I had no roadmap or blueprint, I was just going to DIY my way there.
Turns out, that’s where I went wrong. Roadmaps and blueprints exist in order to help people stay consistent, and since I didn’t have either, I just fell off the wagon multiple times. I don’t have screenshots to show it (unless maybe if I try digging up some old files in my dusty old Dell), but my site evolved multiple times. I even tried making it a hub for business, separating the personal aspect of the blog from work, but that didn’t work.
In the end, I decided to give in to the fact that business is business and personal is personal, and started up a separate website for my digital agency (God, that sounds so cool and official!), which you can find here. I started getting back into blogging with a small plan to help you plan your Ramadan, and I will be posting every Tuesday on topics ranging from personal productivity tips, work-life balance, popular psychology, DIY crafts, and Bullet Journaling. I also will be posting a weekly book review on Saturdays, alternating between fiction and non-fiction (because hey, everyone needs a little escape from reality once in a while, right?).
So by now you must be wondering, who is this “I” behind all of this! I’m a lot of things, but I’ll leave the long list of 100 million thing I am out, and give you the most important bullet points.
I’m an aspiring polymath. Like Leonardo da Vinci and Abbas ibn Farnas, I want to be an expert at a dozen cool and complex topics. However, I realize that in today’s day and age, this might not be entirely possible, so I chose to pursue the study of human behavior on an undergraduate level, while working as an entrepreneur/translator/PR person/social media guru.
On an academic level, I want to focus on studying human behavior in the Arab world, and try to analyze the sources of various behaviors, like why we’re obsessed with Western-style consumerism while the religion we all claim to adhere to advocates minimalism, and why people (especially women) don’t take the initiative in educating themselves about their basic human rights (given by religion) and instead let various religious scholars befuddle their minds with their numerous interpretations of what God says.
On an entrepreneurial level, I want to make the Internet in Arabic a cool place to be, filled with amazing content created for consumers in order to educate them and help further their lives. Yes, I did say consumers. I’m not against consuming things, I just am against the cult-like behavior that surrounds consuming stuff, like: “Oh did you see, Reem just got a Dolce & Gabbana handbag for $$$$.” and “Pretty dress! How much did you buy that for?”. After all, my work revolves around marketing, which is a key player in building a consumerist culture, if done the wrong way.
I come from a diverse, multilingual background, but personally I’m just bilingual in English and Arabic. An Algerian expat living in Saudi Arabia, home-schooled using a hybrid curriculum made of the American and British educational systems, working online as a freelancer first and an entrepreneur now, I seem to have a pretty different life than most people my age, but at the core, removed from all the wrappers and labels, we all have the same struggle: trying to make a decent life for ourselves and our families, while not losing ourselves in monotonous routines that threaten to take over our creativity, productivity, and spirits.
I hope that by sharing what (little) wisdom I have about our daily struggles on my blog, I add some value to your life, and I look forward to seeing your comments on my posts. Do subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on new posts here!