Back … On My Own!

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Ever since I discovered blogging and websites, I dreamed of having my blog’s URL look like this:

Somehow, the time flew by and things didn’t work out until a couple of months ago, when I purchased the domain name. I was relieved the minute I had it, because I have a(n estranged?) cousin with the same exact name as me, and I was always worried she might get the idea of having a website and go ahead and use the domain I wanted.

Anyway, when I purchased the domain, my hosting was still on … until I found out that I could no longer make any kind of edits to the theme (I previously had installed a theme and put up some custom CSS, a feature that was available on a year or so ago) … so I decided to take the plunge and move to self-hosting.

I previously avoided the idea of self-hosting because I loved the convenience of knowing that even if I didn’t do much, my posts would still show up in WordPress’s tags and categories, and I would get a couple of views at the very least, from it. With self-hosting, however, I would have to rely on my SEO skills to get more views, and let’s just say that I’m a beginner to all of this. Nevertheless, I took the plunge, and as I’ve noticed, I’ve been getting a view or two ever since I moved, even though I haven’t posted anything yet.

I have a feeling that being on my own is going to be a blast. Looking forward to hitting 10 views/day next 😀
(Baby steps, baby steps)