Day 21: 360 Minutes

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Today one of my good friends announced on Facebook that she would be studying for 360 minutes. Of course, being the encouraging friend that I am, turned it into a mutual endeavor. I had studied about 75 minutes already before … Continued

Day 20: Sidetracked

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Today wasn’t successful. It seems that I spoke too soon of winning the war against the Math Demons in yesterday’s post. Winning a war isn’t just about victory in the final battle, it is also about getting up from the … Continued

Day 19: Math Demons

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Disclaimer: this post is rated PG-13 for horror 😛 Since a young age, I always had these things I call Math Demons. They existed in my head, and they hated studying Math. They would do anything to keep me away … Continued

Day 17 & 18: Planning

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Firstly, I apologize for writing this so late, but I was pretty busy the last few days. On Day 16, I promised to take a single day off from studying to write, but what I actually did was take two … Continued

Day 16: Biology? Check.

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I cannot believe the reward system actually worked. I finished the very last chapter of Biology this afternoon, earning the double-sized chocolate bar! I worked for 5 hours on the chapters. They were slightly shorter than the ones I tackled … Continued