Day 1: Change of Plans

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Although I started on my water-only fast yesterday, I didn’t count it as Day 1 because I cheated a bit towards the end of the day. So today was the official Day 1, and here’s how things went.

First thing, I woke up late, due to having slept really late. Then I took a look at my to-do list and started working on it. Halfway through the day, my mom asked me to help her with some meal preparation — she’s doing her once-every-few-months-cook-and-fill-the-freezer thing again. While peeling the beets and turnips, I couldn’t do anything from my to-do list, so I reluctantly decided to watch yesterday’s episode of Homeland. This isn’t considered a violation of the no-film rule, though, because this was the only available way to keep my mind occupied … idle minds are the devil’s playground and all that.

Then I had to run an errand for her, and guess where it took me? To a place where I was surrounded by all of my favorite restaurants … and I successfully resisted the temptation to get a pack of fries.

I managed to finish 6 things from my to-do list and 2 big things from my December list. However, as the final hour of the day ticked past me, I remembered something. As part of wanting to start on a C25K program and be able to actually see it through to the end, I had started walking 5 km at a reasonable pace a week ago. I wanted to continue with it, to improve my walking speed stamina, but it never worked out somehow. I decided that it must be part of my weight loss plans for the next couple of weeks.

However, in order to be able to walk at said reasonable pace (4.5 – 6 km/h) I needed to consume some carbs to power those walks. So I had to change my water-only plans to something different: 16 – 20 hours of water-only fasting, with one meal at the end of the day.

The meal would be comprised of veggies and a protein source, but no legumes, refined carbs, or non-veggie carbs (potato included) are allowed. I think this will allow me to stay in ketosis, provided I watched my carbs and calories very closely.

So at 23:40, I broke my fast with a meal of scrambled eggs and some beets my mom had cooked.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day, because I start monitoring my weight and doing my 5 km walks again. Stay tuned for the update!

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated!