Day 15: Sneaking Chocolates

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Ah, finally I can update about a single day in one post. I missed this a lot. Ranting about your day in a blog post isn’t as terrible as I used to think it would be, and I’ve grown to like it. My biology book prefers to call it adaptation, but I think that’s not right in this case 😛

Today I deviated from my previous schedule. I still woke up around 10:00, but instead of doing exercise right away, I tried to do some biology. I succeeded, for a few hours, but I wasn’t doing very focused work. I was even hating biology because these last few chapters mainly involve plants, which I find a bit hard to relate to, considering the way I study biology is by linking the theoretical parts to my own life. I’m sure plants will find human biology hard to relate to too 😛

Finally, I decided to set up a reward system. As some of you (who have stalked my old blog posts) know, I’m trying to lose weight, by following the Paleo diet as well as doing exercise. This is really hard sometimes considering some of my favorite foods are full of carbs, so I take delight in the few cheat days I allow myself. But I digress.

Back to reward systems. I had 10 chapters of biology left, and I wanted to finish reading through them so I can start making flashcards and mind maps. I also needed to free up the time I spend reading Biology for Math, because that’s the first final I have, and I’m really behind on it. So I decided to allow myself a single, regular bar if I finished 5 chapters today, or a double-sized bar if I finished all 10 chapters by tomorrow. The reward part? These bars do NOT count towards calories/carbs consumed for the day, and the day isn’t considered a cheat day.

For today’s 5 chapters, I didn’t finish the last until after midnight, so I don’t get today’s reward. Tomorrow if I finish the other 5, then I get the other bar, but if I don’t, I’ll have utterly failed this reward system and I won’t try it again unless I’m desperate for motivation.

As for Internet usage, I spent about an hour today, checking out my new Camp NaNoWriMo cabin, messaging people who didn’t post their Project2013 progress updates, and sharing quotes and pics on Facebook 😀

I didn’t write anything today in my novel. I’m really behind on this and hoping I can catch up soon. Maybe tomorrow or on Saturday.

Wait … I just realized that now it’s actually Friday and not Thursday, and I’ve been referring to Thursday as today all along. That is my cue to stop.

Stay productive! And please update your blogs, even if I don’t reply I usually do read through them. The number of people who’ve stopped updating since we began scares me 🙁

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