Day 4: Dust, Papers, and Books

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Today I used the Internet for 30 minutes only, all of which were before I went to bed — at the time I wrote Day 3’s post!

This is a new milestone for me. I have been able to avoid the Internet like this before, but that was only because I was busy outdoors.

With regards to difficulty, it was relatively easy to resist the Internet today, due to two reasons: I was on a tight schedule to finish my 8 hours of Chemistry due to wasting time chatting earlier during the day and because it was more interesting to learn Chemistry than to idle away on the Internet, absorbing random tidbits of information.

That said, I never reached my goal of 8 hours of Chemistry today. Why? Dust, papers, and books. Confused? Let me elaborate.

My mom is doing some medium-scale purging throughout the house, and today my room was one of the rooms tackled. I spent 1.5 hours today helping around with the purging and going through my stuff.

After midnight I spent an additional hour perfecting my new system of organization, but that doesn’t count as productive work for today. Anyway, back to why I cut out one hour of Chemistry. I finished chapter 9 with one hour left for the end of the day. I debated going ahead to reach the 8 hour goal or stopping at 7 hours and starting a new chapter tomorrow, and the latter won.

That is all for the day. Tomorrow I plan to do only 4 hours of Chemistry, because I’m close to catching up with my schedule. Also, all the writing is a bit too much for my wrist — out of every hour of Chemistry, I spend an average of 45 minutes taking notes or answering questions.

However, I do plan to do about 4 hours of Biology, including some of those practice tests I mentioned yesterday.

Here’s to another day of productivity and minimal Internet connection!

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