End of February Update + March Plans

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Once again, I accuse myself of procrastinating this post, which should’ve been here a couple of days ago.

I read 4 books, watched 4 movies and 2 documentaries in February, the reviews of which will be posted shortly. I also managed to eliminate reddit from my means of procrastination list, but as usual, something else has to take it’s place. This time, it was watching TV series’ episodes!

I did pretty well in February’s writing project, researching and outlining the Mars novel idea. I learned a few new things about Mars, making characters, and wrote up a 1K+ synopsis for it. I still have to do some outlining, such as adding dates and stuff, but I’ll be doing that shortly. I didn’t work much on the Famous Five fanfic or the Arabic novel either, but I plan to continue working on them along with this month’s projects, NaNoEdMo for the Arabic novel and outlining the fanfic.

I did however, manage to finish up all of my Physics lessons, except the last two, which I finished in the past two days, so I’m officially done with Physics, except for a few chapter review questions which I intentionally left to use during revision. I didn’t use Khan Academy at all, but I intend to start on it this month. I also have resolved to do 10 chapters of Chemistry in March, along with 20 lessons of Geography. I have yet to start on the other subjects, but I’m planning to do so within the next week.

I wasn’t able to use the treadmill yet, something’s wrong with it, and I’m brainstorming for ideas on how to finish up my C25K training with a pedometer, running shoes and limited space.

Job-hunting isn’t going good, I didn’t work on it much. I’m feeling I’m too afraid to go ahead and apply and then get rejected for something or other. I need to work on this issue, but in the meantime I’m considering other options also.

I also didn’t do well with going poly-phasic. So far I would go poly-phasic for a day or two, then go back to sleeping late and waking up late (although it is kind of earlier nowadays). I’m also doing a 21 Day Positivity Challenge this month.

It’s about 23:50 here now, so I’m going to get off and call it a night. I’ll back soon, hopefully, with all the posts I’m behind on.

Feel free to share your March plans below! Best of luck.

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated!