End of January Update + February Plans

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I know this post should’ve been here a few days ago, but procrastination has been trying to take over me lately, because I’ve not been trying hard to stop it.

So many exciting things happened in January. Firstly, I got my first ever organizer! I’m really really happy with it and will post about it in a few weeks’ time when I’ve completely settled in with it.

I read 4 books, watched 4 movies and 2 documentaries, each to their own weeks/fortnights. I’ve been pretty good in eliminating watching movies as a means of procrastination. But unfortunately, I stumbled upon a really good time waster, a website called reddit. It’s good at wasting my time, and it’s also good in the sense that I learn new things/discover them while I’m on there. But I plan to eliminate that too, in February.

I failed at both of my writing projects, finishing up my novel and reading the books for fanfiction. I’m currently at about 2K words more in the novel, and not yet finished with book 3 for fanfiction. So I decided to punish myself. Instead of pushing the whole plan ahead, now I have 3 projects to complete in February, finishing up my novel, reading the fanfic books, and researching and outlining my Mars novel idea!

I didn’t catch up with my studies either. I did register, however, for my exams, so now I have a real deadline to finish my studies before. I’m not getting a C again!

I got my results for the 3 IGCSEs I sat in Oct/Nov ’11 almost a week ago. I got a C (or 3.0 GPA) in Maths 🙁 and 2 As (or 4.0 GPAs) in both English and Biology. Although the C made me quite sad, I was happy about the As because I’d expected Bs in them. The C was what I expected, so I felt it was OK to have gotten what I expected to get. But this doesn’t mean that I’m allowing myself another C this session. The lowest I’m allowing myself is 1 B. That means I have to get off the Internet and work hard.

And before I do that, here’s what I’ll be doing in February. I’ll be watching another 4 movies, 2 documentaries, reading 4 books, and memorizing 4 pages of Surah Al Baqara, but that’s routine now. I also have to research and outline my Mars novel idea, while finishing up my NaNovel ’11 and reading up another 18+ books for the fanfic.

Because I did not do very good in Math, I decided to take IGCSE Additional Mathematics, instead of just going on to AS Maths. That means I have to start using Khan Academy seriously. I also have renamed February to Physics Month, so I’m expecting to do a triple dose of Physics lessons this month so I can finish the syllabus earlier to give me time to focus on the others (2 of which I haven’t started on yet!)

I’m also supposed to continue with my C25K plan (I’m stuck at W2 D3). I bought a pedometer a couple of days ago, and I plan to see when I’ll hit 10,000 steps. I started today at 12:10.

I’m still job-hunting, though I’ve been lazing about the last two weeks. I plan to make a few calls before the end of this week. Let’s see how that goes. I also plan to go back to my poly-phasic schedule which I started in the first week of January. I officially accuse my family of disrupting that heavenly routine!

OK, so it’s almost 21:30 here, and if I really want to get back to being poly-phasic, then I’d better get off the Internet now. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with updates, and hopefully closer than that with an article or two!

Feel free to share your February plans with me below! Best of luck!

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated!