Hi, my name is Depression

I’m the deluge of thoughts that go round and round in your head non-stop. I’m the condition you feel broken by, day in, day out. I make you feel crazy, desperate, and my favorite tactic of all is to convince you that staying in bed will feel better than going out and conquering the day.

You might think I’m just a phase that you’ll grow out of, but if you leave me unchecked, I will definitely change tactics to get your attention. After all, my main goal is to have you feeling down and in despair, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour.

I am relentless. So unless you decide to take the initiative and fight me every day, I will definitely build my nest within the neurons of your brain, altering their pathways and signals so you’re unable to distinguish the thoughts I whisper into your ear from the reality that is happening around you.

Dealing with Me

People will tell you to pray more, read scripture, and so on, but they don’t know that the peace they find in these religious rituals is something you will never attain as long as I have my home perched upon the elaborate neural pathways that make up your subconscious and conscious mind.

You may self-diagnose my presence, but I will take hold of every single stereotype and stigmatization of mental health that exists and throw them at you, so that you feel afraid of getting an official diagnosis. Because I know that once you give me a name and start believing that your reality and me are two separate things, you will definitely start to defeat me.

What’s worse, you might even start taking medication that will increase the levels of the happiness hormone in your body, which will on its own start eradicating my dark hold over your brain. Serotonin is my biggest enemy because it helps you grow new neural pathways that are far from those that I have damaged.

My Counter-Attack

This is when I will get my friends – anxiety, PTSD, and many more – to help me. We will attack you from every angle possible, and try to bring you down over and over, until you think – maybe the meds aren’t working – maybe it’s actually me who is a broken, dysfunctional human – maybe, maybe, maybe.

We take that tiny seed of self-doubt that might have come from an external source and bury it in the depths of your mind. Then we water it constantly, biding our time until it starts growing. You might try to defeat us, but that seed of self-doubt will grow into a tree with firm roots—

What are you doing? Nooooooo! You figured out how to hack at the roots of the self-doubt tree! You’re messing up all our hard work with all of these self-confidence-boosting activities you’re doing! STOP IT! I’m dying here!

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