Quran Read-Along: Looking for Motivation

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Quran Read-Along: Looking for Motivation

Long ago, I attended a lecture in Jeddah, where the speaker told us that if we were interested in learning about what God says about a certain topic, then we should have special readings of the Quran in which we hunt for whatever we’re seeking further clarity about.


A few weeks ago, I came across a website that made everything ranging from yoga and meditation to NLP techniques and self-confidence affirmations prohibited in Islam. While I don’t take things to that extreme, it did awaken a debate in my head that had been dormant for a while. I was always wondering why there were so many cool inspirational and motivational Bible quotes out there, but there were little to none from the Quran. I knew from my previous readings of the Quran that they existed, but I never saw them compiled together.

So I made a decision: I was going to follow the advice that speaker had given us, and read the Quran specifically looking for motivation and inspiration. Be it a story with inspiration in it, or a straight-up motivational quote, I’m going to try and note them all down, and compile the references to them in a blog post or two here.

I will commence my journey with this today, and in about 3 months’ time, I will update you all with my progress. I will also be posting mini-updates occasionally on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there as well. I will be reading both the Arabic original as well as my favorite English translation: Sahih International.


What are your favorite inspirational verses? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Chelsea

    Awww I think that’s such a nice idea I will love to read this when you come up with your quotes! One of my favorite verses from the Qur’an is when Allah says He will not burden a soul beyond what it can bare. Its so simple but it’s profoundly comforting <3

  2. Umme Hafsa

    I remember one of my teachers saying that the Quran is such a comprehensive book that it has an interest to all people. For example if a person has a passion in science, history, personal development, etc…. they’ll find topics in the Quran relating to those matters. I’m eager to see the motivational ayahs you gather… it’d be really interesting 🙂

  3. FarzanaRijas

    “So verily with the hardship there is relief, verily with the hardship there is relief “– Quran 94:5-6
    I find alot of inspiration from Quran. This is one among those verses.
    That would be a great effort dear. Compiling those verses. Even i feel like starting one. God bless !

  4. Haya

    Allahumma barikakum fe <3
    Insha Allah I'll take my Twitter account seriously and follow you.

    There is nothing more motivating than Quran. Insha Allah, you'll have to tweet a lot.

    All the best. 🙂

  5. American Hijabi

    This is a great lesson for everyone in the understanding of not only the Qur’an and its teachings but I think it helps us all in our day to day lives. While I can’t pick just one favorite in terms of inspiration; I will give you my top two:

    7:156 “My mercy embraces all things” – I love this particular quote from the Quran because to me, I find it truly comforting.

    2:286 “Allah does not burden a soul, beyond that it can bear” … I love this as well, as I find it a inspiration that whatever I may be going through, I will get through it.

    Thanks for sharing


  6. Sainab Sharif

    Definitely one of my favourite verses has to be “Verily, After Hardship Comes Ease”. It always reminds me to keep going in the hardest of times because there is good ahead.

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