Ramadan Tip: Water, water, water

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water drops
water drops — courtesy of fox_kiyo on Flickr.com

This Ramadan is considered to be having the hottest and longest days since about 33 years. This is because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, and every 33 years, the dates in the Islamic calendar correspond to those of the Gregorian calendar that they corresponded to 33 years ago. So in the Islamic calendar, there are no fixed months in a certain season. In fact, I remember about 10 years or more ago Ramadan used to be in late autumn/early winter. I’m sure people who are way older than me will remember Ramadan being in the summer when they were younger too.

Even though Ramadan is about to end, I’d like to share with you an important tip that I learned during this Ramadan: drink plenty of water when you are not fasting.

Because our bodies are mostly made up of water, it is vital to keeping our bodies healthy and cool. Both the heat and fasting will use up lots of body water, so we have to ensure that we are replenishing our bodies with the needed amount of water when we are not fasting.

There is a formula that determines how much water you need to drink depending on your weight: weight in kilograms / 30 = amount of water needed in liters. For those using the Imperial units, you convert easily from pounds to kilograms using Google. Just type ‘XXX lbs in kg’ in the search bar and hit enter, and the result will show up.

For those who need to drink lots of water due to their weight, try drinking a big amount immediately after breaking the fast, instead of eating. It will keep you filled until you finish praying Maghrib (the prayer right after sunset), after which you can eat your meal.

I hope these tips helped you, and I wish you all a great ending to Ramadan, hopefully having made the most out of the opportunity to earn more rewards. May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive our shortcomings.

Please don’t forget to recycle any plastic water bottles after usage, so that they don’t pollute our planet 🙂

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated!