The Pain Week — August Update #1

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It’s been a week since August/Ramadan started. I feel as if it’s been an year! The past week was too slow for me, although usually Ramadan breezes by, suddenly ending when I still haven’t had enough of it. I think the reason lies behind my waiting for a number of things that’ll start happening towards the end of August/beginning of September. I never thought waiting for something to happen was so psychologically painful.

Anyway, here’s what’s been going on with me the past 7 days:

Religious: I updated my first post on the first day of August/Ramadan after realizing I won’t be able to finish the Quran 3 times with all the extra reading and focusing, I decided I’ll try to finish it once with the Tafseer (interpretation). My progress in this has been quite slow, as I realized that the Tafseer has approximately 1,000 pages! I decided to finish reading the Tafseer over a period of 3 months, which means 10 parts of the Quran per month. That sounds so much better than all 30 parts in one months.

Health/Fitness: As of yesterday evening, I climbed a total of 1,095 steps out of 5,390 steps intended for this month. I also did a total of 280 lunges out of 1,000 lunges intended for this month. I have managed to not eat carbs except on Wednesdays and Sundays (this included my mother having to modify meals for my sake or simply take my share out before adding carbs). I also managed to drink 1.5 liters of water every single day.

Studies: Most of the goals I set for this month have been progressing well, except for my studies. Over the past week I managed to do only 1 chapter of Maths, less than 1/2 chapter Biology and 1 critical reading. But I managed to learn a few new words, maybe around 20 words.

Personal Development: My progress on the Be a Better Me in 30 Days challenge is good, with a bit of procrastination thrown in here and there. I also forgot to mention earlier that I’m doing another challenge, called the Live a More Balanced Life in 1 month challenge, by Anastasiya Goers. It’s also progressing fine so far, except that I haven’t yet done my homework for the 2nd episode, which has been online since the 4th of August — I hate my procrastination! The nonsense-talk challenge is also good — although I think I’ve spoken at least 5 hours this last week, but I’m pleased with the result — it used to be at least 15 hours/week!

Other goals: Blogging thrice a week has been going as good as my Health/Fitness goals, I never skipped a day so far — except the first Monday, on which I didn’t post deliberately, as I had just posted my August/Ramadan plans the day before.

Overall, I think last week was great! I learned many new things, especially while doing the 30BBM challenge, and doing my exercise workouts. One important thing I learned was that when you start exercising after being idle for a long time, and you feel the extreme pain (the first 2 – 3 days I couldn’t move a single muscle in my lower body without having to say ‘ouch‘ out loud!), you mustn’t give up, just continue exercising, and it will eventually fade away.

Until next time, best wishes to everybody,

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated!