2019 is going to be pivotal. Different. Interesting. But most of all, it is going to be about freedom.

Freedom from enormous expectations. Freedom to be flexible and go with the flow.

That said, nothing ever works without a plan, so here I shall outline my simple, modest plan for 2019 greatness. Using a workbook that came as part of a course the amazing Kathryn Hofer of Modern Planner created, I identified some critical areas of my life that needed improving, and came up with this plan:

Emotional Health
a little background: I’ve been having the worst cycles of depression/moodiness/anxiety since giving birth. I’m going to be tackling this with some habits & goals to build resilience.
1. establish a weekly self-care routine
2. pick a journaling prompts list to tackle
3. start an alhamdulillah jar and make a habit to read the contents once a month as a family

Personal Character
a little background: Over the past year I feel like I’ve lost a lot of good qualities I had, to the point I no longer recognize myself in some aspects of life. I’m going to work on this with some goals to build certain characteristics in myself.
1. make promises that can be kept
2. go on a no-white-lies fast for 72 hours every month
3. read one book on an important character trait every month

Professional Career
a little background: Ever since my impromptu unofficial maternity leave, I’ve been struggling to move forward with my business. I’m going to tackle this by making sure I focus on very singular goals and not trying to do #allthethings.
1. start physical/in-person aspect of business including speaking gigs quarterly at least
2. create and maintain translators’ book club
3. read 12 books related to career improvement outside of book club

Financial Budget
a little background: I’ve always had a not-so-good relationship with money, but ever since getting married and merging my bad money habits with my husband’s equally appalling money habits, I’ve spiraled down. I’m going to tackle this by learning how to budget and setting myself some nifty goals.
1. save money for and buy a car
2. create and work towards a joint savings plan for our family
3. build my business savings so I can invest back into the business and take 1 month off during the summer

Physical Health
a little background: Again, since giving birth I haven’t lost much weight, and I feel like I have a new health complaint every day. I plan to tackle this using a variety of habits & goals.
1. create and follow simple home workout plans until I am able to join a gym
2. learn to meal plan and follow meal plans
3. track and improve sleep

Romantic Relationship
This part I’d like to keep private.

Spiritual Health
a little background: Cue the other “health” areas, this is sorely lacking. I also have loads of fasting to catch up on that I have to attempt to do. I plan to tackle this using a variety of habits & goals.
1. start and maintain in-person iman circle
2. catch up with all 35 missed fasts
3. do the inspiration Quran “read-along” I’ve planned for years

Quality of Life
a little background: Since moving in together, we’ve had one thing or another distract us from improving our home space and actually making it “homey”. I plan to tackle this with some simple goals.
1. one DIY project per month to upgrade a space in the home
2. upgrade to 2in1 washer/dryer
3. matching linens for the entire house

Other Goals
miscellaneous/less high priority goals:
1. make a decision regarding my further education and stick to it
2. complete the Summer Seasonal Reading Challenge and earn 250 points in every other seasonal reading challenge
3. go on 6 weekend getaways and 4 business trips
4. plan and research fashion business idea
5. plan and execute charity idea impacting 19 families (for starters)
6. learn French to level B1