Why I’m Taking Twitter Chats Seriously

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Poster for my Twitter chat for translators
Poster for my Twitter chat for translators

I’m part of a bloggers network called Muslimah Bloggers. It is, as is quite obvious from the name, a network for female Muslim bloggers. I joined about a year ago, posted occasionally, but then took a hiatus. A very long one. I just started getting serious about blogging again, so I decided to start small, by participating in the network’s Facebook group. Then I saw they had a Twitter chat. I was curious about the concept, so on Tuesday the 15th of September, I joined one. I mention the date, because that’s the day I discovered Bullet Journaling.

It was a great experience sharing some thoughts about Hajj, which was the upcoming event at that time. Then I mentioned making time to do more religious things during the Hajj season, and this gal shared a video about Bullet Journaling.

I then joined a second MB Twitter chat two weeks later, last Tuesday. Again, I came away with something that added value to my life – Buffer, a social media posts scheduling app/tool.

I then learned that Buffer hosted their own Twitter chat, on the hashtag #bufferchat. I joined in yesterday, and came away with loads of book recommendations.

At this point I was completely in awe of this super-simple yet very effective way of networking and sharing ideas. My website views also grew a lot. They went from less than 40 views a month to about 35 views over two days!

I was intrigued. I wanted more Twitter chats. So guess what? I’m hosting my own Twitter chat for translators, Mondays from 4 – 5 PM UTC! You’re welcome to join if you’re interested!

(This post was written on the 1st of October. As of now, I have already hosted my Twitter chat for translators. Post about that coming soon!)

P.S.: Please feel free to recommend some cool Twitter chats in the comments below!

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