Yes, I’m Still Alive!

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I know I haven’t been the best blogger recently, what with disappearing immediately after beginning a challenge for almost four months and all that.

I’ve had the weirdest four months ever. First of all, I never did the Math Review Challenge for more than two days. I excused myself of that because I was getting myself ready to travel for some very important exams.

Fast forward four months later, and I’m back home. I learned so much about myself and the world around me in the past few weeks that I’m so overwhelmed by the info. More than 25% of my day goes into thinking about my experiences and how they could’ve been better (or worse, during the odd times I feel lucky). I’m still transitioning back to my old life, but it’s proving to be a bit hard, what with trying to finish my first draft during NaNoWriMo, extending the deadline for that to December 31st, figuring out my next move on the chessboard called Life, and THE MOST IMPORTANT exams of my high school career around the corner, smack-dab at the end of Spring semester. So, yeah.

Anyway. Here a few things I did over the past three months:

  • eating really spicy food for a continued period of time, and not complaining when I had problems with my bowel movements because I wanted to push my body to its limits XD
  • riding in tuktuks
  • overcoming my fear of insects and lizards – I don’t scream the house down upon seeing one anymore, but I still keep my distance
  • making friends with a cat – something I was vehemently opposed to only three months ago and had I known there was a cat involved, I wouldn’t have gone in the first place
  • traveling by myself for over 5 hours in a plane
  • finishing NaNoWriMo with a mad dash at the end to write 19,000 words on the last day

I bet if I sat down to it, I’d have much more to list. However, my biology textbook is feeling lonely and I need to go keep it company.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post in which I try to analyze some of my behavioral patterns.

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated!