My Impossible List

This is not an exhaustive list of goals I want to achieve. There is no order to this list at the moment, and I haven’t yet divided them into categories. There are items not on this public list due to various reasons.

Anything with (X/Y) in front of it, where X and Y represent various numbers, is a numerical goal that I have achieved X of so far. The vision is to have a blog post about each of these, to keep track of them.

This is a work in progress. I am a work in progress. This list will change and is never permanent. I have older lists with more things on them, some of which have been achieved, some that are no longer a priority, and some that have yet to be achieved. I will be updating this list with those items shortly.

  1. Teach my kids to be entrepreneurial
  2. Take my kids to Disneyland
  3. See my husband on international TV
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Learn to ride a bike
  6. Go ziplining
  7. Go to Antarctica
  8. Go skydiving
  9. Go skiing
  10. Go on every rollercoaster that has won a record
  11. Go on a second honeymoon in the Maldives
  12. Go on a safari
  13. Go on a retreat with Khala
  14. Go on a Euro road trip as a family
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. Train 1000 translators
  17. Resume Wikipedia projects
  18. Provide access to world-class healthcare & mental healthcare for my employees
  19. Help 100,000 businesses with Arabic marketing
  20. Get ISO certified
  21. Employ 100 women in Algeria
  22. Conduct market research project
  23. Be responsible for taking Arabic content online from 3% to 20%
  24. Be a partner of an Expo
  25. Memorize the Quran
  26. Go to Helen Pritchard’s in-person mastermind in Warrington
  27. Get my SL citizenship
  28. Pick an art form to learn and learn it
  29. Learn Swedish
  30. Learn Latin
  31. Learn Hebrew
  32. Learn French
  33. Learn Chinese
  34. Get an MD/PhD
  35. Get a MSc in Neuroscience
  36. Get a BSc in Neuroscience
  37. Study something at MIT
  38. Have flawless skin
  39. Get LASIK surgery
  40. Meet Queen Aliyah
  41. Meet Oprah
  42. Meet Malcolm Gladwell
  43. DIY 50% of one of my houses
  44. Own a beachfront property
  45. Own a second home in Algeria
  46. Write the book about translation and multilingual businesses
  47. Write Grandma’s biography
  48. Write 5 novels
  49. Translate 50 books personally
  50. Finish my Story of My Life book
  51. Run in a marathon
  52. Run in a half-marathon
  53. Run in a 5K
  54. Run in a 10K
  55. Reach goal weight of 65 kg
  56. Start the Quranistas project
  57. Start clothes charity in Algeria
  58. Make mental healthcare affordable
  59. Win a translation award
  60. Speak at Sharjah Book Fair
  61. Speak at Riyadh Book Fair
  62. Speak at Princess Noura University
  63. Speak at NYU AD
  64. Speak at MIT
  65. Speak at MDX Dubai
  66. Speak at King Abdulaziz University Jeddah
  67. Speak at Emirates Litfest
  68. Speak at Effat University
  69. Speak at American University of Sharjah
  70. Speak at AD Book Fair
  71. Become the go-to speaker on mental health in the Middle East
  72. Be on the cover of Forbes Magazine
  73. Be on the cover of Entrepreneur Arabia
  74. Be on Jen’s podcast
  75. Be on Helen Farmer’s show
  76. Be on Dubai One
  77. Be on CNN
  78. Be on BBC
  79. Be featured on Arabian Business
  80. Be featured as a Top 100 Arab Family Businesses on Forbes ME
  81. Be an Instagram influencer
  82. Be a LinkedIn Top Voices
  83. Be a guest on 100 podcasts
  84. Buy an iPhone 14 Pro
  85. Buy a new Macbook Pro
  86. Buy a Remarkable
  87. Launch a third culture kids’ podcast
  88. Have liquid bank balance of 100K AED
  89. Have $100K in stock investments/savings
  90. Get out of being in debt to people
  91. Get a Skywards credit card
  92. Try sushi
  93. Try halal champagne
  94. Own a sports car
  95. Own a real silver Kabyle set
  96. Own a pair of diamond earrings
  97. Buy a practical car for daily use
  98. Have 5 kids
  99. Do my social psychology project/research

Last updated: Sunday, 6 August 2023