What I’m Focusing On Now

This is a short list of what I’m focusing on currently, inspired by Derek Sivers, whom I was introduced to by Thomas Frank.

Do or do not. There is no try.
— Yoda, Wisest Alien of All Time

Current Status

I’m currently living in Dubai, trying my best to expand my business while keeping the heat at bay, and focusing on a few priorities while growing another human being.

Personal Life

  • Staying on top of physical health
  • Trying to work out a few times a week and maintain my current weight (I’ve been warned not to put on more than 10 kg total during this pregnancy, 4 months in, I’ve only put on 2kg, so far, not so bad)
  • Working on improving my duties as a Muslim human, to God, myself, my family, and everyone around me.

Work Life

  • I’ve tried everything under the sun to be consistent, but it doesn’t work. I may have ADHD, so I’ve decided to work in sprints of two weeks of crazy focus, one week off focus for the next quarter, in which I *have* to make 90K AED, or I may as well call it a day and shut down everything to do with my business.
  • Sprint one: 15K in 2 weeks, promoting various offers
  • Restart podcast and non-LI social media content
  • Team building workshop

Personal Projects

  • Book of Languages Project with Makkah
  • Read to Makkah 20 minutes a day
  • Get a library membership
  • Restart blogging
  • Write two chapters in Story of My Life
  • Declutter my entire life: home, laptop, phone, stuff in Algeria

Last Updated: Sunday, 6 August, 2023